Web Development Services

Wordpress LogoThe new frontier in business communications is the web. If you’re not in it, you’re not a real player any longer. It’s the cheapest, most targeted and most trackable form of communications today. That’s why we’ve been in it since pretty much the beginning of the Internet.

Does our team have chops? In the last decade, our principals have built over 1,000 websites. Yes: 1K. Ouch. Wow. Some big, some small. Most of them just information sites. But many including advanced features like e-commerce, booking engines fancy portfolios, social feeds and calendar functions. You name it, our boys have done it.

WordPress CMS Configurations & Training

Early-on, we decided to specialize is building sites on WordPress. WP has emerged as the market-leading Content Management System (“CMS”) with 2/3’s of all sites built on this platform. It’s inexpensive, flexible and sustainable. It’s also where most of the development community is at now so you can get lots of folks to hep you. More importantly, WP allows you and your non-technical staff to maintain your story on an on-going basis. We do WP so if you’re a WP fan too, we might be your guys. We’re also really into training our clients on the WP dashboard system so that they can evolve their story themselves. Build a Quote »

Web Content

Hate your website? Most people do. It’s just not that easy to create great web content. You have to communicate to everyone at once. And you have to capture folks straight off as they have little patience  to click about or read fine print. And your writings need to be efficient for the search engines to bring people to your site. Plus there’s navigational architecture, graphics, pics, social feeds and host of plugin functionality that may be relevant to your circumstance. OMG, it can be overwhelming. But at the core is finding your deep strength then building a wave of information that surfers will want to drop in on and ride with glee. Want help? See Brand Services »

Web Performance Audits

Does your website load like molasses? We do full technical reviews of existing website to measure performance and generate recommendations for rendering efficiency and content effectiveness  ( SEO, a.k.a. “Search Engine Optimization”). Deliverables include analytics-based reporting and recommendations. Learn More »

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about making your website easy to discover. It starts by knowing your story, then developing the keywords you think customers will search for, then moves on to page and social content tweaking to place keywords, and finally moves to getting others to pump your story via links to your website content.

How do you know who can do this well? Try Googling “search engine optimization expert.”  The #1 world-wide result is StoryManager Principal Rob Bertholf’s personal website. Need we say more? Get started by trying our Keyword Exercise »

Social Media Services

The word “Media” in the term “Social Media” is pretty ironic given it implies traditional one-way broadcast. Don’t be fooled: what really gains traction in Social is ENGAGEMENT which means TWO-WAY COMMUNICATIONS. FYI ~ all those FB “Likes” are only the first step in a long dance to real relationships. We have a few offerings to help you ramp up your Social Marketing including social Marketing Audits, Conversion Audits, Analysis & Insight Tools and a few web-based social media tools of our own. Learn More »

SaaSVentures-Logo-BlackWeb-Based Apps

Fancy features beyond typical website functionality put you into the App development world. Our sister company, SaaS Ventures, specializes in web-based “Software as a Service” app development. At SaaS, we offer licensed use of our proprietary SaaS Springboard Module System. SaaS Springboard is the common core that serves our own apps, BizGym.com, Surrounds.me and L8tr.co so you know we’re on-board to keep it running fast and smoothly. SaaS Springboard also reduces development time from years to just weeks. Go from “wantcha-preneur” to “app-preneur.” SaaS Springboard Website »

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